entry table

When I saw the picture [left] of this foyer on Pinterest I drooled over it! It was designed by Amanda Carol Interiors.  I even took a screen shot to keep on my phone so that when I had time to daydream I would look at it and figure out how I could get that look in my entryway. It took a year before I was able to sweet talk my hubby into finally agreeing that our entry way needed a “little something” to make it more inviting. Once I got the green light on the project -it was go time! First item on the agenda, find that table! It was the perfect size and color for my home and decor. I easily discovered it was the Tivoli long console table from Pottery Barn. I loved everything about this table…here is a picture of it in all its glory…it is perfect!


Tivoli Long Console Table Image from potterybarn.com

Well…almost perfect. I was excited that I found my dream entry table…and as I scrolled down my heart dropped. I had found the inspiration table and its price tag was the equivalent of my budget for this entire project. At no fault of the perfect table, it just was not in my price range.

Despite the initial set back I was determined to get the look from the inspiration photo. I knew what I wanted, but unless I was going to get another job, I had to find a different table. For the next few months every time I saw an entry table I looked to see if it had potential. On Saturdays my family likes to walk one of our outdoor strip malls for fun (ok…I’ll be honest… it is more fun for me and I drag my family along) and during one of these Saturday morning excursions I found it! The perfect foyer table at Cost Plus World Market. Now it would need some DIY work to get it to resemble my inspiration table, but hey, at a more than half the cost of the original table I will put some elbow grease into it!


Everett Foyer Table – Cost Plus World Market Image from worldmarket.com

As you can see the finish on this table would be perfect for a beach house. And although it was wonderful just the way I purchased it, I really wanted it to resemble the Pottery Barn table. I went for easy prep work and decided that chalk paint was easiest path to take. I made my own chalk paint by following this recipe. I chose a dark grey paint color to mix my chalk paint and instead of a soft wax finish I used an ebony furniture stain to give my paint a rich dark finish. The end result was beautiful! I can use regular dusting polish on the table with no issues. Add some  glass knobs on clearance from hobby lobby- because a little bling is never a bad thing- and my table was done!

[Update: we have recently moved and with some bumps from transport some of the paint chipped on the edges. A little bit more prep work with primer may had given a more durable finish.]

Table, check! Now for that gorgeous mirror! I was terrified to find out how much it would cost. I was thinking that the price tag would be in the thousands of dollars range…and I never found out. I could not find the original mirror or any mirror similar online or in stores. Therefore, the only option was to make my own mirror. See how that was done in my foyer mirror tutorial.

Last but not least, it is time to accessorize! The two baskets were purchased at Cost Plus World Market, the two glass apothecary jars and the white vase were found at hobby lobby. I know the jars are not simple cylinders as shown in the inspiration photo, but I have a thing for apothecary jars and these were on a mega sale!

Project Breakdown

Table – Cost Plus World Market – $299.00 (before 20% off coupon)

Baskets – Cost Plus World Market – oval madras lorenzo baskets $49.99 ea (before 20% off coupon)

Apothecary jars -Hobby Lobby- $59.99 each (sale 60% off, I had to drive to 2 different stores to get a set)

White flower print ceramic vase -Hobby Lobby- $59.99 (before 40% off coupon)

DIY Mirror – Materials from Lowes – about $65.00

Paint and supplies – about $40.00

Grand total: approx $510.00 (less than the inspiration table)! I absolutely love how this project turned out!


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