Pottery Barn Favorite SW Colors 2016

It is hot this summer! And I am not joking, I live in Arizona and this week the high is going to reach 110ºF  and the real feel is 200ºF. Record breaking for this time of year and it’s only going to get hotter as July comes along. But hey, it’s a dry heat, right! Seriously. Hot.

On days like this I dream that I am on the beach, cool breeze in the air and foamy waves tickling my toes. I dream of my small beach cottage just a few feet from cool water that I may escape to at a moments notice when it gets too hot at home…a girl can dream!

I want that beach cottage! And I would be so cliché and decorate it in a beach theme. It would be full of calming blues and sandy beige colors! It would be open, airy, light and bright! I would spend my entire year’s teacher salary and have it full of Pottery Barn furniture and decor.

If you have read any of my other posts it would be no shock that I love pottery barn. Even though I have a full time job, and a part-time job – I wouldn’t mind working part-time at Pottery Barn mostly for the employee discount!

As I flip through my pottery barn catalog pretty much everything could go in my dream cottage. The images in the catalog are stunning, the furniture is placed perfectly in every perfect room. The paint selections are beautifully chosen to make the perfect backdrop to every item of merchandise in the room. Yep, I love Pottery Barn.

Looking through the catalog here are some of Pottery Barn’s favorite color choices:

PB favsAnd as for my dream cottage on the beach, with white trim and lots of large windows, would be painted these beautiful beachy colors:

PB house plan.png

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