How To Hang Difficult Wall Art

I was at an art fair in Payson Arizona last weekend and I saw this sign. I loved it and thought it would be perfect for above my cabinets in my kitchen. Great pop of color and would fill the blank space. Plus I get to purchase from a local artist! Win-win.

As with most gallery wall art it can be difficult to hang. Lots of measuring, leveling and …math. I don’t dislike math (I teach science) however, measuring above my head, reaching over cabinets and making Swiss cheese out of my walls if I did (and I would) make a mistake did not sound like a fun afternoon for me. The kids are taking a nap and my goal is to get this done before they wake up.

Here is the issue: 4 separate pieces of art that all have a different points for hanging.

My secret weapon: Tracing paper. I have had the same roll of tracing paper since design school and drafting class (8 years ago!).

I laid out my sign so that it was level with the line of my carpet to tile [totally lazy way to get a straight line].

wall 4.png

I carefully noted the placement of the wall hangers on back of each letter. I flipped the letters over so that I can see the metal pieces. [Be careful to keep the wall hangers in the same place as you flip them – the letters may look out of place but as long as the hangers are in the same place your are good to go!]

wall 7.png

Once all letters were flipped and I carefully double checked that I flipped them so that the spacing will be correct when facing forward I laid my tracing paper over the letter like this, then I put a mark at the center of each hanger. [The tracing paper should be straight with line of the carpet or whatever you use to check for level.

Before you move your template, mark center of your art!!!!

Wall 14.png

I took my template, measuring tape and level with me and gracefully without falling I climbed on the counter from my step stool. I marked center on my wall, matched it to the template and hung it on the wall with thumb tacks. I like thumb tacks better than tape because you can easily move the opposite edge of the template up and down to level. Once level place the second thumb tack to keep the template in place. (Sorry for the blurry pics – I was doing it on my own – don’t ask how I held the phone and the level AND took the picture above my head. It was not a pretty sight) Once level nail on the marks you made (close up pic #4).


Remove your template and  hang your art! Double check level and you are DONE!

wall 10.pngWall 12.png

Hopefully if you have a difficult spot to hang in (like a small space above your head) or a difficult project this tip could help 🙂

It took me 30 min from start to finish – may have been quicker if I wasn’t taking photos! And they hung just right on the 1st try! I did need to add a small nail on the bottom right of the ‘L’ or it didn’t stay even.

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