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Girl’s Art & Homework Station

School is in  session and it is hard to find the time to write! Especially while I am taking classes for my master’s – so this is going to be a quick one!

My daughter loves to be creative and draw. She loves desks (the kind mommy has at work for her students and the ones we find in stores) and when I found this antique desk online for a reasonable price I had to get it! It was just the right scale for her bedroom and adorable!


Next step: I wanted a message board above her desk and decided on a mirror to reflect the natural light that enters her room, but as she grows-up the desk can double as a vanity. I had this mirror that was designed for the trash, but we up-cycled it by adding trim left over from another project and painting the whole project white.

1.) Liquid nails mirror to backer board (Blue painters tape was put on glass to protect it from paint – I ran out and had to run to the store to buy more – arg!!!)


2.) Liquid nails left over trim around mirror. Caulk all seams.


3.) After caulk dries paint the old brown frame and trim white. Hang and admire 🙂


All the purple and white was nice and all, but a bit boring. I asked my little girl what she would like to have added (even though I already knew the answer she would give me). My daughter has three favorite colors, in order go: her “favorite-favorite-favorite” color is purple, her “favorite-favorite” color is pink and lastly her “favorite” color is teal. It is no secret I love designing in kid spaces and maybe it is because any color combo can be combined. Even the most conservative and color shy person can usually look at a kid space and think that the craziest of colors put together look fun! And, of course, it is FUN!

I needed an inexpensive way to bring in a pop of color. After seeing many paper flower inspirations on Etsy, I decided to make my own! Feeling confident I went to JoAnn Fabrics and purchased $15.00 worth of supplies (paper was 60% off – whooooooo – insert happy dance cuz this momma rarely pays full price for anything!)

A few YouTube video tutorials later and I had made my first paper flower! It was simple and I was impressed by how well my very first flower turned out! Yippee!


The video tutorials I watched were from the beautiful bloggers Ash and Crafts (flowers and paper leaves) and AnyoneCanCraft (flowers). Here are a few links to their easy to follow tutorials:

If you view “more info” on their videos they have links to their paper templates they allow you to use for personal use.

After adding many more flowers, some paper leaves, and and I free-handed some vines  I was in love with the pop of color it added to her bedroom.

To finish up the area I found a wooden chair online for $5.00. My little girl wanted the entire chair painted pink, I wanted white. We compromised and painted the seat pink while painting everything else white. Chalk markers make the mirror a message board. Found a lamp and some accessories at target and this project got moved to the finished list!




Wall color: Sherwin Williams Veiled Violet

White Mirror and chair color: Sherwin Williams Downy

Pink accent on chair: Sherwin Williams Grenadine


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